As of July 2020, the toll road station between Kristiansund and Averøy island is history, and you can reach the «must see» Atlantic Ocean Road free of charge from Kristiansund. Why not combine the beautiful drive with a visit to the 300-year-old fishing village Håholmen, or the unique Kvernes stave church?

Kristiansund is the cruise port closest to the majestic Atlantic Ocean Road, only 30 min. drive from the centre of town. This amazing and unique stretch of road takes you right out to the ocean’s edge, running across an archipelago of small islands and islets. The tour includes a stop at the scenic walkway to really experience the salty and refreshing surroundings.

The Atlantic Ocean Road is ideal to combine with other nearby attractions:

▪ The small island Håholmen: The Norwegian adventurer Ragnar Thorseth’s 18th century fishing village with original wharves and traditional fishermen’s shacks. See a film of Thorseth’s world voyage with a Viking ship in 1984-86, as well as remains of the shipwrecked «Saga Siglar» and «Oseberg» ships.

▪ The unique Kvernes Stave Church: One of the youngest in Norway, dating from approx. 1300 AD. Located with a magnificent view of the surrounding fjord.

▪ The magical and mystical Marble Caves at «Bergtatt»: The fleet ride into the caves, on crystal clear water, accompanied by enchanting lighting and soft music, is truly amazing.

Check our cruise manual for more information.

Håholmen island. Photo: Classic Norway. 

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