9 good reasons to plan a call to Kristiansund

Kristiansund is the perfect port of call for experiences of coast and ocean, culture and history. Kristiansund is the cruise port closest to the majestic Atlantic Ocean Road, ranked the world’s most scenic road trip. Do you need more reasons to go? 

9 good reasons to plan a call to Kristiansund

1. Experience The Atlantic Ocean Road
This amazing stretch of road takes you right out to the ocean’s edge, running across an archipelago of small islands and islets. Beautiful on a calm and sunny day, dramatic in storms and the rain – no matter what, always an unforgettable experience! Combine with nearby attractions such as the historical fishing village Håholmen or Kvernes stave church.

2. Be struck by a town floating in the ocean …
Kristiansund is an intimate, colourful and convivial town, spread out on four main islands at the edge of the ocean, with a charming harbour in the middle.

3. Berth directly in the town centre
Cruise ships berth directly in the town centre with attractions, services and shopping nearby. Convenient and efficient.

4. Discover the iconic “Sundbåten” harbour boat
A great way to experience Kristiansund is by Sundbåten, the charming harbour boat criss-crossing between the four main islands. Like the cable cars in San Francisco, Sundbåten is amongst the world’s oldest public transport companies still in operation, established in 1876.

5. Challenge your senses at the clipfish (bacalao) museum
Kristiansund is known for clipfish (bacalao, dried and salted cod), which became important in the development of Kristiansund from the 18th century and to the post-war period. The Norwegian Clipfish Museum is a large and well-preserved wharf used for production of clipfish. A visit here will challenge all your senses: see, hear, touch, smell and taste!

6. Be charmed by the tiny island of Grip
Grip is a small island and former fishing village located in the middle of the ocean, 14 km outside of Kristiansund. You will be charmed by the quaint narrow streets, colourful houses and the picturesque stave church. Enjoy the fresh and salty air and the lovely atmosphere.

7. Explore Norway’s oldest opera
Kristiansund is housing Norway’s oldest opera, established in 1928, a perfect place to collect a musical souvenir. The annual Opera Fest Week in February comprises around 50 performances and concerts. Perfect for a theme cruise!

8. Hike along the coast or in mountain terrain
Kristiansund has many great hiking possibilities, also within walking distance from the cruise pier. Vanndamman, easy walk directly from the cruise pier, an area of water ponds and idyllic hiking trails in rich and varied vegetation, and Varden watch tower with panoramic view. Mount Kvernberget, a small and popular mountain (205 m) with a good panoramic view from the top. “Havstien” ocean path, medium hiking, with a fantastic view of the open sea. Just to mention a few…

9. Winter cruise? Sure!
Kristiansund is also well suitable for winter cruises. Plan a call to Kristiansund on your way to Northern Norway and the magical Northern Lights. Our port is easy reachable from the main shipping lane, only 12 nm from nearest pilot station. Explore the Atlantic Ocean Road, the maritime history of Kristiansund at the shipbuilding museum or go ice skating in our indoor ice hall.

Want to know more?

Explore the opportunities for your cruise line in our updated sales manual: Kristiansund – The Gateway to the Atlantic Ocean, cruise manual 2021–2022. 

3. Berth directly in the town centre ©Per Kvalvik
3. Berth directly in the town centre ©Per Kvalvik
2. Be struck by the town floating in the ocean … ©Per Kvalvik
2. Be struck by the town floating in the ocean … ©Per Kvalvik
1. Experience the Atlantic Ocean Road ©VNR / Eivind Holm
1. Experience the Atlantic Ocean Road ©VNR / Eivind Holm

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