A joint commitment to a more sustainable cruise tourism

Since last autumn, cruise ports and destination companies in Møre og Romsdal county have collaborated to contribute to a more sustainable cruise industry.

Synnøve Henden i Visit Nordvest og Erika Indergaard i Kristiansund og Nordmøre Havn samarbeider med havner og destinasjonsselskap i fylket om bærekraftig cruiseturisme.Synnøve Henden (Visit Northwest) and Erika Indergaard (Port of Kristansund) is cooperating with the other ports and visit companies in the Møre and Romsdal county about sustainable cruising. 

Stricter environmental requirements and a national tourism strategy focused on greater local
value creation and reduced footprint are the backdrop for the collaboration, which also
supports the county municipality's ambition to become Norway's foremost county when it
comes to sustainability.

Ålesund Cruise Network is the initiator, together with the ports of Ålesund, Geirangerfjord,
Molde/Åndalsnes, Kristiansund and the county's two destination companies. Their goal is to
work with the shipping companies on sustainable solutions that take care of both the
shipping companies, cruise guests, and the port, as well as local communities.


– We believe that this project is one of a kind in Norway, and we believe that other regions will follow suit and think the same way as we do about sustainable cruise tourism, says general manager Monica Berstad Mæland in Ålesund Cruise Network.

Last autumn, a digital meeting was arranged with the shipping companies to discuss environmental issues and invite to a cooperation. As many as 13 different cruise lines with a total of 23 participants from all over the world participated, and the initiative was well received.

On the 16th of February, the cruise lines gathered again, and we presented concrete
proposals for how to envisage a sustainable and future-oriented development of the cruise tourism.

Not only the environment

– The issues concerning the environmental impact of cruise traffic are of course central, but we would also like to pinpoint further aspects of sustainability. In addition to sailing as environmentally friendly as possible, we believe that shipping companies have a large and important responsibility also when it comes to local value creation and the contribution to sustainable cities and communities. If we are to achieve this, we are dependent on the shipping companies using the local services on offer, that the guests spend their money on the local trade and service industry and that the ships do not produce more noise than necessary. This requires that we dare to make demands on the shipping companies, at the same time as we visualize our role and responsibility by facilitating sustainable choices, says initiator Monica Berstad Mæland in Ålesund Cruise Network.

The ports can, for example, facilitate through developing shore power, well-functioning discharging systems for waste and sewage and using environmentally differentiated port fees. The destinations can work for sustainable thinking and environmental certification of local offers, activity suppliers and carriers.

Regional cruises

– Since the last time, we have been working on proposals for new sailing plans for ships of various sizes. A new and exciting element is our visualization of how a week-long cruise within Møre og Romsdal county can offer a first-class experience with both a higher local value creation and a considerably reduced carbon footprint compared to an ordinary Norwegian cruise, says Monica Berstad Mæland.

Short sailing distances between the ports enable the ships to sail at lower speeds and with longer stays in each port, and the guests have more time to experience the area and greater opportunities to try out new attractions and activities.

– This in turn means less emissions, lower fuel costs, and a higher local value creation. Thus, we have touched all three dimensions in the concept of sustainability, says Monica Berstad Mæland.

Top attractions

Within the county, we can offer top attractions such as Geirangerfjorden, the aquarium
Atlanterhavsparken, mount Aksla, the Trollstigen road, Raumabanen railway, the gondola
Romdalsgondolen and the Atlantic Ocean Road. In addition, each destination has its
own character, with attractive local products to provide the travellers with an exciting, varied,
and unique experience with a reduced carbon footprint, concludes Monica Berstad Mæland. 

Participants of the cruise cooperation in Møre og Romsdal county after the studio meeting in Ålesund in February 2022. From left: Synnøve Johansen (Ports of Ålesund), Torunn Dyrkorn (Visit Northweest), Jorid Søvik (Port of Molde and Åndalsnes), Synnøve Henden (Visit Northwest), Rita Berstad Maraak (Geiranger Cruise Port), Erika Indergaard (Port of Kristiansund and Nordmøre), Monica Berstad Mæland (Ålesund Cruise Network) og Tom Anker Skrede (Visit Ålesund & Sunnmøre).

  • Ålesund Cruise Network – Monica Berstad Mæland

  • Geiranger Cruise Port – Rita Berstad Maraak

  • Port of Aalesund – Synnøve Johansen

  • Port of Molde, Åndalsnes & Eresfjord – Jorid Søvik

  • Port of Kristiansund, Smøla & Todalen – Erika Indergaard

  • Visit Northwest – Torunn Dyrkorn and Synnøve Henden

  • Visit Ålesund & Sunnmøre – Tom Anker Skrede

Contact person

Erika Indergaard
Cruise and marketing manager
Phone: +47 40246474 
E-mail: ei@knhavn.no 

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