Easy hiking up Mount Kvernberget

The stone steps up the Mount Kvernberget in Kristiansund are now finalized. Panoramic views awaits you at the top! 

Personer som går i steintrappe opp et fjell

Mount Kvernberget is a small and popular mountain in Kristiansund, only a 15-minute drive from the cruise  pier. Over the last year, Sherpas from Nepal have been building stone steps up to the top. 

The steps will make it easier and safer to walk, and protect the vulnerable nature. At the top, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the town and the surrounding ocean, fjords and mountains. 

Allow 1 hour for a walk to the top and a break. No experience required. 

Hiking and coastal walk 

Kristiansund has many other great hiking possibilities along the coast and in mountain terrain, such as:

• Vanndamman and Varden viewpoint – an easy walk directly from the cruise pier.
• Havstien ocean path – medium hiking offering fantastic views of the open sea.
• Mount Freikollen (629 m) – the highest peak in the area, some hiking experience is recommended. This is is a 30-minute drive from the pier. 

More information about the above activities:

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Contact person

Erika Indergaard
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E-mail: ei@knhavn.no 

NEW: Atlantic Ocean safari with RIB

14 september 2022

Strømsholmen Sea Sport Centre is located at the Atlantic Ocean Road. In addition to seal safari and diving, they now offer ocean safari with RIB boats.

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