Island gem Smøla now easier to reach from Kristiansund cruise port

Ever dreamt of experiencing the majestic sea eagle at the beautiful Smøla island? With a new high-speed boat, the densest population in the world is just a boat trip away from Kristiansund cruise port. Small cruise ships can anchor directly outside Smøla. Recently, exciting Viking ship grave founds have been made on Smøla.

Island gem Smøla now easier to reach from Kristiansund cruise port

The island of Smøla is located in the gap of the Atlantic Ocean, between Kristiansund and Trondheim. Smøla is known for its beautiful scenery and high stock of white-tailed eagles – the sea eagle. Nowhere else in the world will you find a higher density of these majestic birds.

Shore excursion from Kristiansund
Recently, Smøla-based Holberg Shipping acquired a high-speed passenger boat, available for group charter. This makes Smøla easily and conveniently reachable from the cruise port of Kristiansund. A half-day excursion (duration 4-5 hours) could include an exciting Sea Eagle Safari, combined with a guided tour to one of the small, old fishing villages.

The boat, with a capacity of 33 passengers, is modern and well-equipped boat, with two light and spacious lounges. Click here for group charter inquiries or further questions.

Cruise destination Smøla
Smøla is also a cruise destination itself, ideal for smaller ships and expedition sailings with guests looking for unique experiences, nature-based activities and local produce. At Dyrnesvågen, ships up to 195 m length/8 m draft, can anchor close to the tender pier.

Photo: Audun Lie Dahl

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