Smøla island up and coming for small ships

A brand-new, ISPS-approved floating berth is ready to receive guests for further transport to the mainland of Smola. 

RIb-båter ved flytebrygge med landgang. Foto.Cruise guests tendering to the new floating berth at Dyrnes, Smøla island. 

Smøla island has been called by the National Geographic vessels yearly since 2014 (expect during the covid years). This summer, we are happy to welcoming a new cruise line to Smøla. Noble Caledonia has announced two calls with its "Hebridean Sky". In 2024, yet another cruise line has booked Smøla island.

Smøla is a tender port available for small ships and expedition sailings only. During the stay, guests can visit both a living fishing village (Veiholmen) and a vacated one (Brattværet). Guests tend to be very fascinated by being able to visit two places, that have developed so differently from the same starting point, in one day. Other activities could be sea eagle safari, hiking in Dyrnesdalen or kayaking in the archipelago with a local guide.

Contact person

Erika Indergaard
Cruise and marketing manager
Phone: +47 40246474 

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