Top attraction Grip island is still one of a kind

The boat to the tiny, beautiful island of Grip experienced a 20 percent increase in bookings this year. Nevertheless, a visit to the island can still be considered a truly unique and uncrowded experience.

Top attraction Grip island is still one of a kind

Grip is located 14 km outside of Kristiansund. An important fishing village already in medieval times, the island offers an exciting and dramatic history. Until 1964, Grip was Norway’s smallest municipality with 115 residents. Today, Grip is a summer vacation paradise with quaint narrow streets, colourful houses and a small café. Amid the houses stands a picturesque stave church dating back to 1470 – one of the smallest of its kind in Norway, and a “must-see” for any visitor. Read also: Grip island the best rated attraction in Kristiansund.

A roundtrip by boat from Kristiansund takes 3.5 hours, including a 1.5-hour stay on the island. This allows both a guided tour of the island and time to explore the idyllic surroundings on your own. Enjoy the fresh air and lovely atmosphere while strolling around this attractive little island.

The main season for Grip is June to August with daily departures, but the boat is also available for group charter from April to November.

The Atlantic Ocean Road
Kristiansund is also the port closest to the majestic Atlantic Ocean Road, ranked as the world’s most scenic road trip. This amazing and unique stretch of road takes you right out to the ocean’s edge, running across an archipelago of small islands and islets.

> Welcome to the cruise port of Kristiansund – The gateway to the Atlantic Ocean Road (2021–2022)

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Easy hiking up Mount Kvernberget

03 oktober 2022

The stone steps up the Mount Kvernberget in Kristiansund are now finalized. Panoramic views awaits you at the top! 

NEW: Atlantic Ocean safari with RIB

14 september 2022

Strømsholmen Sea Sport Centre is located at the Atlantic Ocean Road. In addition to seal safari and diving, they now offer ocean safari with RIB boats.

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